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Thyme catering are expanding ! we now provide private bar hire for home events, weddings and corporate events. Our services include bar equipment hire as well as a full bar set up including bespoke wine and cocktail menus along with professional bar staff, glass hire and a themed bar tailored to suit all needs and budgets.

Our services include –

Wine bars 

Know what you want, good.

Don’t know what you want, great.

Preparing for your event should be fun, enjoy our complimentary tasting session to establish your bespoke wine list.

We are equally happy for you to leave everything to us and all you need do is turn up and enjoy the event with your clients/customers.

Our wine tasting evenings allow everyone to become an expert, the more flowery the description, the more we and your guests will enjoy it.

Our wine bar package will include a fully staffed bar, glass ware and bar staff for event.

Champagne and welcoming bars 

You only have one chance to make a first impression…

The moment your clients/guests arrive they will be welcomed by our staff with trays of Champagne, Bucks Fizz and Orange Juice (for the nominated driver!).

Whatever the duration of the Champagne reception, it will certainly ensure that all attendees are ready for the evening ahead.

Our champagne welcoming bar package will include a fully staffed bar, glass ware and bar staff.

 Full range Bar

Our popular full range ‘pay’ bar always comes with a comprehensive range of sprits, draft beers, wine, soft drinks and juices.

Any drinks not carried which you desire we will supply.

Our Full Range bar package will include a fully staffed bar, disposable glass ware and bar staff.

Shot bars

Rum may not be the answer but it’s worth a shot.

In fact we believe anything is worth a shot. Our trained staff offer a wide range of shots produced using a perfect combinations of flavours and fun.

Previous shot bars have included a ‘Caribbean Rum Bar’ ‘Greek Ouzo Bar’ ‘Tequila Worm Bar’.

Our Shot bar package will include a fully staffed bar, glass ware and bar staff

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