Tapas Style Buffets

This is an increasingly popular option for both dinner parties and corporate catering, it is a great way to socialise while eating as well as giving the organiser the chance to accommodate everyone’s needs and tastes.

A classic tapas buffet usually consists of a mixture of hot and cold dishes. Traditional English and Mediterranean dishes are used including a good selection of meat, vegetarian and fish dishes. Each tapas can be customised and you may choose as many or as few dishes as you wish – we would recommend a choice of 12 different items to please everybody’s tastes.

The approximate cost for this would be around £15 per person. Below is an example of our tapas range, we have 75 to choose from.


Below is a sample menu for serving tapas at a dinner party, a great way to socialise while dinning

Tapas Sample Menu (£29.95 per person includes waiting staff)


Full Tapas Selection (Choose your favourite items from choices above and below and we will send you and accurate price per person within 24 hours) We suggest a selection of 6 cold tapas and 4 hot tapas dishes


Hot Dishes

Baked Chorizo and Chicken – In a slow cooked red wine and mixed pepper sauce

Parmesan Coated Chicken Thighs – Oven baked with lemon wedges

Aubergine and Artichoke Tapenade – In a rich tomato and basil sauce

King Prawns – Served in there shell pan fried in lemon and champagne with wild garlic

Spinach and Feta Parcels – In filo pastry with fresh dill

Pepperocini ripieni – Red peppers stuffed with Arborio rice, tuna and walnuts

Peccorino and Spinach quiche wedges

Baked fillets of cod – In a lime and caper salsa

Baked Monkfish with Saffron – Wrapped in pancetta served on a bed of samfire

Baby Sirloin Steaks – Topped with Cabrales Cheese

Chicken Strips – Pan fried in a mixed pepper tomato and cinnamon sauce

Goats Cheese and Sweet Pepper Frittata

Spicy baby chillis stuffed with Cream cheese

Meatballs – In a spicy tomato sauce

Bruschetta – Garlic ciabatta bread topped with tomato and baby mozzarella

Lemon and Oregano Roasted Baby Potatoes

Potato Bravas – Sauté in White wine and paprika




Cold Dishes

Mexican Rice – With mixed pepper and coriander

Cous cous – With walnuts and raisins

Haloumi and chick pea salad – With a lime dressing

Selection of Olives – Marinated in lemon, garlic and thyme

Mediterranean Potato salad

Dolmas – Stuffed vine leaves soaked in lemon filled with mixed beef and rice

Salami and Cured Meat Platter – Including Parma Ham, Lunza, Salami Napoli, Serrano Ham, Chorizo and Mortadella

Asparagus, rosemary and pecorino with lemon olive oil

Shredded crab meat with lentils and cherry tomatoes

Salmon, cannellini beans and watercress salad

Mozzarella and aubergine with a Dijon pesto

Parma Ham and melon skewers

Rocket, pine nut and gorgonzola Salad

Cucumber, radish and watercress with dill and mustard dressing

Lentil, pea and red onion with mint yogurt dressing

Avocado, smoked salmon and beef tomato

Home-made Dips – Humous, Tzatsiki, Guacamole and Lime salsa served with tortillas

Feta and spinach Canapes

Homemade bread selection